Hamish Tame, Creative Director, Gives Tips on Sunglasses

Hamish Tame, creative director of Le Specs, gives tips on timeless models and on the ones that work almost everywhere

The brand is Australian but refers to France – even the name is French. Because?
Le Specs was first launched in Australia in the 1970s and at the time they chose the name to make the brand look more international. We relaunched the brand in 2006 and the brand has taken off internationally, so people often get confused until they realize there is a logical explanation.
When you create a new collection, do you tend to be more driven by trends or does the brand identity speak louder?
I think there is always a fine line that should be handled carefully at design time. Trends are something important to keep in mind, but what is more important is the originality and exciting designs. According to CampingTopGear, there are so many brands of sunglasses out there, and you always need to be one step ahead of them.

Speaking now of partnerships, like with Self Portrait, how do they work?
Our collaborations and partnerships always happen in a very organic way. Usually, we get in touch with a designer or artist who encourages us, we talk about our ideas and what we have in mind and we follow from there.
What is the eyewear frame that values ​​more people? And which one requires more style and personality?
An aviator-style frame, like The Prince, is always a classic and looks great on just about everyone. What we like to do is update the model with modern details like straight lenses. Sometimes the kitten model and round lenses may be a little difficult, however, all they need is a little bit of confidence to function.

In Brazil, what kind of glasses do you consider the most popular? And in the world?
I love how brazilians are confident and charismatic, so practically anything with an interesting color or shape will work. The Neo Noir model has been very popular in Brazil, I believe because people feel that the model is so different from other glasses out there. From our Luxe Collection, Pharaoh brought a lot of attention to the luxury market thanks to celebrities who used it as Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

What frame or finish do you consider timeless and worth the investment? And which one is already dated?
If you want something timeless, bet on black glasses or turtle. It’s time to probably retire anything with rhinestones or many adornments for a few years!
How is the brand relationship with the celebrities who wear their glasses? Have you ever done or thought to make models unique to them?
What is exhilarating about seeing celebrities like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid using Le Specs is that they wear it because they like it – not because we’re paying. I do not think we’re going to partner with celebrities because it sounds a bit artificial and not as interesting as the collaborations we’ve already made.
Is there a rule you would never break at Le Specs?
I think the only rule we must obey is to follow your intuition. We always want to do what is best for the brand and not what will generate the fastest return on sales and you have to follow your intuition when those decisions are made necessary.