Nina Ricci Sunglasses – Paris, France

Nina Ricci 

Brand Facts: 

  • – Nina Ricci glasses collection is unique and stylish, of the highest quality. It is one of the most important groups in the French luxury industry today. The Nina Ricci woman is classic, elegant and stylish.Nina Ricci Sunglasses

Main Categories: 

Cosmetics, clothing

Nina Ricci Sunglasses

Nina Ricci Sunglasses


Time and place: 1998, France

Early products: cosmetics, clothing

Founder: Maria “Nina” Ricci

Headquarter Location: 

Paris, France

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Nina Ricci Headquarter Location

Nina Ricci Headquarter Location

Price Range: 

USD 132 – USD 154

Worldwide Locations:

France, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, UK, Argentina, etc.

Official Website: