Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses Exchange Stems: Prices and Where to Buy

The Oakley is one of the manufacturers of sunglasses that most invests in technology, especially in the middle. So who watched the Tour de France (Back in France), saw the cyclists wearing colored glasses. They are theJawbone, i.e. jaws and have that name because of your amazing system that allows the exchange of lenses for the most varied needs.

Therefore, it is a performance glasses, came accompanied by hydrophobic lens that repels water, dust and dirt of any kind; polarized lenses, which cut 98% of reflexes and a new technology called lens suspension system, which protects your lenses in time to take them off and put them on.Besides, these glasses have a modern design and can be found in various colors. Was interested in those glasses? So, to know the price and where to buy the glasses Oakley Jawbone.

The Glasses Shop, it is possible to find the Oakley Jawbone by R$600,00 or 12 times $50.00 in various colors, from green to the lime green with black, Orange and red. In the Bank, you still get 5% discount.

In the world of Sunglasses, you’ll have some economy, paying R$539,91 in glasses Oakley Jawbone in the Bank. However, if payment is made on your credit card, your price goes up to R$599,00, but it can be divided into up to 10 times of R$59,99 without interest.

In store Comprafari, you can buy the Oakley Jawbone sunglasses for only R$499,90, indicated by EXTRAREFERENCE. but only in two colors, black and yellow. Payment can be made in up to 12 times of R$52,77 with interest on a credit card, the Bank or debit card online.

If you are a sportsman, be sure to have the Oakley Jawbone sunglassesto protect your eyes from water, dust and of any obstacle that may keep you from seeing clearly. They are indispensable for anyone who appreciates the sport healthy.

Note: prices were quoted at day 23 of January 2012. So are liable to change. For more information, visit the sites described.