So Are The ‘Spectacles’, The First Sunglasses with Camera’s Video of Snapchat (Already Are Official)

Update: Snapchat, now renamed to Snap Inc., has just made official his glasses ‘Spectacles’. The information at the end of the post.

Since some months ago came the rumor that Snapchat was developing glasses that would lead an integrated camera, allowing us to make snaps quickly and above all immediate, an idea that immediately reminds us of the Google Glass.

The rumor comes after Snapchat be made in 2014 with Vergence Labs, a company that develops “smart” glasses style Google Glass; later in June of this year found that Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, was wearing sunglasses where you could see a sort of recording lens. Something that today is confirmed because of a video that appeared briefly on YouTube, which would be of the first announcement of the ‘Spectacles’, the first glasses with videotaping of Snapchat.

The first announcement was leaked on YouTube

In this video, saved by Business Insider until Snapchat removed it, you can see the design of the Spectacles which highlights a lens in the equine upper frame, lens that would be surrounded by a ring that lights up when it seems we are recording.

The rest of the video focuses on images of children playing in a birthday party and a few grandparents enjoying such images on a smartphone, so much of the performance and other characteristics is unknown, but the main thing is the design, shown clearly.

This video would confirm the existence of the Snapchat glasses but it is unknown when it will be announced in an official way, so we have to be on the lookout.

Born a new company: Snap Inc.

As it had leaked, Snapchat is making official the launch of your glasses Spectacles, they are something similar but with less power to what we saw with the Google Glass, since their design is less stylized, even look like toy and will be available in various colors. Its novelty is focused on an integrated camera, which so far are unknown details, which is capable of recording clips up to 10 seconds then share them on the application of Snapchat through a Bluetooth connection with our smartphone.

Just setting up my Twitter. #myfirst Tweet

— Snap Inc. (@Snap) September 24, 2016

These glasses are the first physical product of the company, which seeks to change the image and stop being the company that developed the mobile application, which means that there will be more products in the future. Therefore, the company is changing its name to Snap Inc., to emerge as a brand both software and hardware.

The Spectacles will be available during the month of October for $129, However, more than just a product for the masses the company is seeing it as a test, since only available a few pairs an improved product that reach more people with the idea of measuring the response of the public and launch in 2017.