Sport is Te Informs about The Best Level of Sports Performance Sunglasses

It seems that glasses and technology are doomed to be understood, in the case of Sport is not to the level of the Glass Project of Google, but yes to one interesting from the point of view of sports performance.

Sportiiiis (in English Sport-eyes) represents lenses under some interesting values to be monitored during an exercise. We can try our heart rate, power, Cadence or speed (if we are moving) without the view of the stage in which we move.

It is important to clarify that We are not looking at glasses, as you can see in the video below, but an accessory that is placed in them. Sport is receives information from other devices via connectivity ANT+.

The idea is make us the best points of each activity with a series of color LEDs, located at the bottom of the glass. Colors will change from red (we are not at the level that we want), to green (optimal), through yellow.

Logically, these parameters are configurable from software, and can be done in real time from phones iOS and Android.

Through audio, we also receive information, by pressing on the side the device, Sport is advises us changes as if it were a personal trainer. Performing a double-tap, we change of activity.

Sport is just published in the North American market, its price is $149.