Weon Wants to Be Connected Sunglasses Hawkers to Make Selfies

Sunglasses are an item that many people have to take over, and in Weon They have already taught us that they want to give more functionality than the protect us from the Sun, or improve our vision. How? By placing buttons and communication with mobile devices, that’s what we were offered in Weon Glasses.

But they are also an element of fashion, especially with regard to sunglasses, we dressed up with a multitude of designs and colors. Here he pulls the new development of the Spanish start-up: Weon Selfie Glasses.

Protect you from the Sun, you dress, and you offer a button order to become selfies. None of the three things is a pump on the market, there are many brands of sunglasses that offer design and quality for good price, and remote triggers also there are a few, but together in an affordable product, It may help to put a good dent.

Technology is integrated in the right rod, almost imperceptibly. There are visible to two buttons What are those that allow us to operate with mobile devices, while the communication is done via connectivity Bluetooth (up to 60 meter range).

The glasses work for all devices iOS as Android, and they tell us that there is no need to load any special application.

Weon can become enemy number one of the sticks of selfie, you have been warned

Reinvent the way selfies, stylish Hawkers

Interestingly the developer shares residence with Hawkers, one of the bombings in the world of affordable fashion. Offering quality, attractive catalogue, very affordable and a good digital strategy in social networks, the brand broke out in sales.

Sharing the idea of having an attractive and varied catalogue, and touch ‘ Made in Spain’, the sunglasses are brand new on the market with two collections: Weon Square and Weon Bubble. More than 20 models and six colors of lenses.

The WeOn are very lightweight thanks to the mount from polycarbonate, are closing closing click efficiency, and its crystals are polarized, something that normally the final price of sunglasses rises quite.

Asking for help on Kickstarter

The firm based in Elche has the active project in this financing platform starting today at 11 o’clock in the morning, there you can get at a very special price: 19 euros. Until they are gone, from the price will go up to 29 or 39 euros, depending on the model. The glasses come with an ultrathin sticker that allows you to attach the phone to surfaces.

The two models of gafo:Weon Square to the left, and Weon Bubble