Absurd-Glasses Sets

Absurd Cage Power Color Glasses

The mirrored sunglasses arrived here in Brazil killing it through the Absurd brand Cage. The fame of the models with mirrored lenses in coloured tones well vibrant just got bigger after the Assistant Stage Manager and model Dani Bolina made frequent appearances by using your model with pink lenses. Beyond that, your super friend Juju Salimeni is also a fan of the Absurd Cage Power Color models.

The brand has some models, basically the famous Plus Color and Absurd Calixto Guanabara. The Plus model Color has multiple color combinations with rod lenses.There are models with white frame and lenses pink, Golden, blue, red and other shades. In addition, there is also the black frames with all varieties of lenses, pink, Orange, red, blue, green and Brown.

In addition to the models mentioned above, the brand still has the Wolf Adoki models, Altamira, Augusta, Caminito, Benedito, Brooklin, Calixtin, Chacarita, El Polonio, Ibira, Karin Feller, La Boca, Magdalene, Mamani, Mazunte, Narvaja, Oscar, Panamericana, Parque Chas, Regina, Palomar, Pedrera, Rosario, Santa Cruz, Santa Tereza, Villa Lobos, Tacuba, Telmo, Tijuca and Javid.

The Absurd Cage also has a wide availability of glasses lens models, among them the High Barrel, nice view, Biennial, Boedo, Calixtin, Caracas, Carmelites, Cartajena, Chacarita, Chiriqui, Colegiales, Coyoacan, El Cerro, El Cop, La Baja, La Boca, LaCondesa, La Rombla, La Rocca, Lastarria, Moema, Montserrat, Miraflores, Morumbi, Retiro, Santa Rita, Providence, Sumaré and others.