Attractions in Corsica



No direct flights to Corsica

It is currently not possible to fly directly from Finland to Corsica. To get to Bastia Airport, you have to change planes in Paris, Nice or London, for example. You can get there on flights operated by Air France or Air Corsica, among others.

However, flights to Corsica are not quite the cheapest: prices start in the summer season, usually around € 500.

A short ferry ride from the mainland

The route to Corsica by air can easily be replaced by a ferry. The island is accessible from many French and Italian coastal towns. A round trip between Nice and Bastia, for example, with a car costs less than 200 euros – although the prices depend on the booking situation.

Accommodation in Corsica

There are over 200 hotels on the island of Corsica that offer the tourist a roof over their heads. Most of these are located in the most popular cities: Ajaccio, Bastia and Porto-Vecchio. Most of these are at the level and price range of the middle class.

In smaller villages, overnight stays focus on inn-style solutions. Often family-run and small-capacity places fill up at the dawn of summer, when the largest group of tourists find their way to Corsica. So during the high season, it is worth preparing for higher prices and fuller sheaths.

Take over Corsica by car

Sparsely populated Corsica is not actually a promised country for public transport. Connections between cities are often very limited and lines rarely run.

According to DigoPaul, the best way to get around Corsica is with your own car. Of course, you can also rent a passing game. If you wish, you can bring a car from the mainland, folding the ferry to Corsica from Nice or Marseille, for example.

Attractions in Corsica


Natural Wonders Scandola

The Scandola Nature Reserve in western Corsica is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is especially known for its red cliffs, the highest of which rise in steep formations from the turquoise Mediterranean to a height of up to 900 meters.

The cliffs hide idyllic coves and the landscape overlooking the sea with its small islands is absolutely magnificent. In addition to fine sandy beaches, there are numerous caves in the area.

In addition to natural formations, Scandola provides habitat for many animal species. Among the cormorants and seagulls, good-natured eagles may also be spotted.

It is worth spending at least a whole day exploring and admiring Scandola. For example, the nearby villages of Piana or Porto can be used as a base.

Bonifacio, the pearl of the southern tip

Located right on the southern tip of Corsica, Bonifacio is one of the most beautiful places on the island. The city is built right on the edge of steep rocky slopes. The city is especially popular for popping up on the nearby beaches and in the old town, surrounded by walls.

The handsome landscapes, on the other hand, have to be climbed a bit, as the fortress built by the Genoese is located at an altitude of 70 meters. However, the effort is rewarded, as the views across the sea to Italian-dominated Sardinia are unique.

Bonifacio is one of Corsica’s most popular holiday destinations, especially among French people living on the mainland. It is worth heading to the city a little out of season, as the old town in particular is congested in midsummer.

Idyllic Algajola

Located in the north-west of the island of Corsica, near the town of Calvi, Algajola is an idyllic fishing village of just a few hundred inhabitants.

To the west of Algajola is the beautiful harbor of the village. However, the real reason for traveling to Algajola can be found in the east, where the nearly kilometer-long sandy beach of Plage Aregno opens up.

The beach itself is quite rapidly deepening and at times relatively windy. That is why it is especially popular with surfers. The clear waters can also be enjoyed by divers and snorkelers, who have plenty to do in the more rocky area.

You can head to Algajola for just a day, but you can stay there for longer. Although the village is small and quiet, there is everything you need: a few nice restaurants and even a beach bar.

The Best of Corsica


The best beaches

  1. Algajola
  2. Bonifacio
  3. Calvi
  4. Palombaggia
  5. Lavezz Islands

The most interesting towns and villages

  1. Ajaccio
  2. Bastia
  3. Calvi
  4. Bonifacio
  5. Porto Vecchio