Black is Better…Per le curve!

I propose today my outfit of the week, for girls like me a little bit of flesh. You do not have to limit yourself strong, you have to be daring, but in moderation.

After finding out that the drastic cut of the hair, in addition to refresh my figure, made more homogeneous and harmonious physical a little more pronounced, is an important factor also the usefulness of the maxi pull, minimizing their share of the rolls, the “love handles”. I started to use these with leggings and boots, so slanciarmi. With very few Euros I created a stylish all-black outfit and a little more provocative for people like me who are afraid of falling into the ridiculous using something closer or more low-cut. The great big bag and paint, a little fetish and a little aggressive (Martissima), contributes to camouflage small flaws, we “tondette” we always need some big accessory for dropping the eye.

The maxi pull, worn as mini dress I bought in a market of Lecce, sometimes there are some really good deals at low prices, which can be combined with an animal print belt under your breasts to create a touch of light, especially for those with thin bust, so they stand out the decollete. leggings are sleek, comfortable, ed, bought last year by Reasons, while the shoes are a little self regaluccio London, you pay just a few pounds. Their figure are equally, but may very well be replaced by a pair of brogues leather aged effect, the timeless brogues.

And miraccomando, always choose the glasses according to your face shape, having a face triangular glasses a little “cat in” the Charro, softening his features.