Chilli Beans Brings Collection In Partnership With Swarovski

Chilli Beans, greater brand of sunglasses and accessories from Latin America, prepares to launch one of the biggest partnerships that the brand has ever made in its 15-year history.For the first time, the brazilian pepper joins an international brand and the choice was the Swarovski Austrian crystal company, present in 170 countries, which will give further luster to Punk/Glam collection.

“This is one of the most important collections ever released by the brand. It was a partnership that had a very nice result. We are very happy with the look and design of the pieces, “Caito Maia, creator of Chilli Beans.

There are about 80 models between solar glasses, prescription (Vista) and watches for men and women. All bringing the essence of both parties: the music of Chilli Beans and the glamour of Swarovski. The crystals of the pieces appear more subtle forms the most daring, in the stems of glasses, the bracelets and the watch dial.

“The partnership with Chilli Beans revealed a new facet of our brand. We are very happy with the result and confident that we are building a case”, says Monica Orcioli, Director of Swarovski in South America.

The campaign is signed by FractaMoma and brings the punk attitude inspired by movies like “Natural Born Killers” and “a Clockwork Orange”. “It was a great creative challenge join the Swarovski brand tradition and the universe ´rock n roll´ Chilli Beans, so we decided to break everything,” says José Caporrino, Creative Director of the Agency.

The prestigious Director Luigi Days, the Volcano Hotmind, was invited to give life to the concept. The recording took place in an abandoned mansion in the East zone of São Paulo. The Director was also responsible for creating the original track of the campaign with the Australian model and actress, Melissa Oxlade, who plays in the film and sings the song “Breaking Glass”.

“The concept of punk/glam is a super mood today and everyone left breaking everything. It was super fun, “says Oxlade.

The Punk/Glam collection parts reach all points of sale in April, with suggested prices from R $298.00.

About Chilli Beans

Chilli Beans started its activities at the end of the ‘ 90, under the command of businessman Caito Maia. About of 15 years later, and today the largest consolidated network specializing in sunglasses in South America, the company has 600 outlets, including Brazil, Portugal, United States, Colombia, Kuwait, Peru, Mexico and Israel, Abhu Dhabi. With a strong presence in California, in the United States, the brand opened in December 2014 the first international Flagship, in Santa Monica.

Having the fast fashion as business platform, launches weekly ten models of sunglasses, five and three watches of degree holders. It is worth remembering that Chilli Beans pioneered the concept of self service optics, which allows the client to handle and try the products, and also the first brand in the segment to inaugurate a customization that allows the customer to manufacture their own glasses. Recently, the brand won the DEAL, best retail franchise in international expansion.