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According to Bridgat, Israel is a country located in Middle East with name that begins with letter I. Promised land of the Bible with 4,000 years of cultural history, home of Jesus of Nazareth, conflict-ridden region in the Middle East: the State of Israel, founded on historical ground in 1948, covers an area of ​​over 20,000 km 2 on the Mediterranean coast of the Near East. Israel borders Egypt to the south, Jordan to the east, and Syria and Lebanon to the north. Of the more than 8 million residents of Israel, over three quarters are Jews and almost a fifth are Arab / Palestinian. Check Countryaah to find more countries that begin with letter I.

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Citizens of the EU and Switzerland only need a passport that is valid for six months to enter Israel. If visas from Arab countries (with the exception of Jordan and Egypt) or Iran appear in your passport, you can expect a security interview by Israeli security forces upon entry. A second passport can prevent this.


Although Israel is a small country, it is divided into three climatic zones: The coast has a Mediterranean climate with hot, humid summers and mild, rainy winters; the central hill country has warm, dry summers and cold winters; and in the desert, which makes up about half the land area, winters are mild and summers are hot and dry.

Food and drink

From couscous to “gefillte fish”: the food in Israel is as diverse as the population itself. In Israeli cuisine, traditional dishes from the Middle East such as humus and falafel merge with the influences of those dishes that were served by Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics North Africa brought with them. Most Israeli food is prepared kosher – this also applies to the wine, which already plays an important role in the Bible.

Cultural characteristics

Shalom! – When visiting religious sites, but also when strolling through Orthodox city quarters, you should pay attention to appropriate clothing. Men should cover their heads in the temple, women shoulders and legs – shorts are not tolerated here. There is also no place for public expressions of affection based on partnership.

Medical advice

Medical care in Israel is considered good to very good, and no special vaccinations are required. If you have any doubts or questions, please ask your family doctor. A personal pharmacy with your own medication makes it easier to act in the event of illness.


The good news: Crime is not a big issue in Israel and tourists are not the target of terrorist attacks. However, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has been smoldering in the country for decades – sometimes more, sometimes less. Traveling to Israel can therefore involve risks. Before traveling, it is important to find out how the situation is evolving in Israel, and if the need arises, instructions from the local authorities should be followed.

Special provisions

It is forbidden to take photographs of militarily significant installations. Homosexual acts by men are a criminal offense in the Palestinian Territories.

Climate and travel time

The climate in Israel is characterized by its location on the Mediterranean Sea and its proximity to the Sahara and the Negev Desert in the south of the Mediterranean and dry desert climate. The contrast between north and south is enormous. In the north it is temperate and forested and in the north, where the Negev desert is located, it is dry and hot. More than half of the country is a desert region. The temperature strongly depends on the altitude and distance from the Mediterranean Sea. In the north of the country there is a comparatively high amount of precipitation in contrast to the 30mm that fall annually in the south.

Other essential information

Time difference

Time difference to CET is + 1h in Israel

Electrical current

The voltage in Israel is 220 volts. The three-pin sockets can also mostly be used with our plugs. It is helpful to bring an international travel adapter with you.

The sockets were revised in 1989 and all models since then can be used with European plugs.

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