Morpho Advice: Choose Glasses Adapted To The Shape Of His Face

With the warmer weather coming, your sunglasses will become your best friends. Perrine give you a hand to choose the model adapted to the shape of your face!

I guess you also didn’t expect you more than that for months: put on your glasses and bask in the Sun. But before rushing to H & M or to your optician to find the pair of your dreams, take care to a few small details…

All sunglasses sold in the market do not protect your eyes in the same way: pay attention to the intensity of light filtration. They are indicated on the labels of 0 (no filter) to 4 (filtration very strong – but so very strong, kind reserved for skiers). Most of the lenses sold commercially are category 3, but Remember to check anyway because bad glasses, it’s worse than of not having at all.

If like me, you have clear eyes or that your eyes are sensitive to light, including the white, I suggest you invest in a good pair by asking Council to your optician. Although it is more expensive than Zara and company, your eyes don’t melt this summer at the sight of the cleaner on the beach.


Finally, for those who drive often, avoid tinted glasses, you know, the ones with the Instagram permanent filter. They distort the perception of color and tired faster your whole fragile ward.


You just so that to find the pair. And even if Mother Nature did not all created with an oval head (the most common facies), there are tricks to lengthen, soften or accentuate certain features of your face. For you today, I’m out the Cristina Cordula which is in me.

Your face is oval

You, Kid Lucky, you can all afford. Geometric glasses with round glasses, small models as spectacles oversize, all forms of mounts fit with oval faces. However, be careful to choose a mount that fits your personality: round forms tend to rejuvenate, elongated forms give a more strict and the half-moons are quickly Dumbledore.


Round glasses Cheap Monday (€23,63), glasses style pilot H & M (€6.95), cat eye glasses Mango (€24.99) sunglasses Wayfarer style Pull & Bear (€15.99), hexagonal glasses retro Zara (€22.95), Butterfly glasses Forever 21 (€5,90)

Your face is round


If your face is round, you have two options: either you take this bias and her little round, curvy you lie down it by choosing narrow, angular or geometric frames that catch the eye on the top of your face. More the pair will be wide, over your face will appear small while stretched frames will give the impression that it is less round and flattened. You see what you prefer!


To minimize the width of the top of your face, you can choose glasses to elevate, to very fine or totally Rimless frame. With geometric glasses for example you accentuerais the effect of edge of your face and have strict (open air for you to adopt the look Super Nanny) while the rounded shapes are more harmonious, especially if you’re a little wide jaws.


Cat eye glasses ASOS (€15.76), aviators Mango (€19.99) retro glasses Topshop (€21,00), decorated with flowers sunglasses New Look (€9.99), glasses effect wood Bershka (€19.99), rimmed half-rimmed glasses Asos (€15.76)


Your face is angular


Your face is square or rectangular? You can either play with shapes geometric way young designer, or soften it with oval lines. A good compromise is the ‘cat’s eye’ or ‘Butterfly’ shape that’s perfect for you: too round or too strict. You can also map the contrast with decorated mounts or textured like scales or the printed material!


Sunglasses P’ p’tites bombs (€80,00), cat eye glasses Asos (€13,13), Butterfly glasses Zara (€22.95), studded glasses Mango (€24.99), retro goggles New Look (€6.99), Red glasses Forever 21 (€5,90)


What type of glasses you will crack this summer?