Quick Facts About Georgia

Georgia is shaped by the Great and Lesser Caucasus as well as the Black and Caspian Seas. The capital Tbilisi (also called Tbilisi) is located in the southeast of the country, a western Asian country defined by COUNTRYAAH.COM. The sights reflect the turbulent history and many changes in power in the country. There is the Georgian Orthodox Sioni Cathedral, the Narikala fortress – formerly the most important castle in Georgia – from the 3rd century, the famous Persian sulfur baths and of course the old capital Mtskheta.

Map of Georgia

Georgians pride themselves on their culinary diversity. Meals are “celebrated socially” in Georgia. This is also reflected in the very distinctive hospitality. Georgian wine is particularly popular, and viticulture has a centuries-old tradition.

Entry requirements
German citizens need an identity card or passport with sufficient validity to enter the country. According to information from the Foreign Office, there may be problems with the identity card when entering via another country (stopover), so we recommend that you take your passport with you. A visa for Georgia is not required.
Other citizens please inquire at the embassy concerned.
Children need their own identification document, entry in their parents’ passport is no longer accepted.

In Georgia, payments are made with Lari (GEL).
ATMs are common in Georgia. To be able to withdraw money, you need a credit card or an EC card with the “Maestro” symbol. International credit cards are common. But you cannot necessarily pay with it in all hotels or in smaller shops, especially outside of the larger cities this is more difficult. It is therefore advisable to always have enough cash with you.

Time zone
CET + 2 hours (summer)
CET + 3 hours (winter)

The special location and the topographical conditions of the country result in a very varied climate. In the west of the country it is warm and subtropical and humid, in the east of Georgia there is a temperate climate according to BRIDGAT.COM. And then there is the high mountains.

The official language in Georgia is Georgian. Russian is also often spoken. Outside of tourism, few locals speak or understand English.

Telephone / Internet
The international dialing code in Georgia is +995 according to ALLCITYCODES.COM.
Cell phone reception is usually good. The roaming functionality should be requested from your own network operator and activated if necessary. Some hotels offer their guests Wi-Fi.

Electricity & mains voltage
The electric voltage is 220 volts, 50 Hz, so that all devices can be used without any problems. As a rule, two-pin plugs are used. Emergency

General emergency number 112
Police 022

Arrival by flight
Georgia has four international airports – Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Poti and Batumi – the largest and most important being Tbilisi International Airport (TBS), 15 km from the capital. Flights from Germany to Georgia are offered by LOT (via Warsaw), Ukraine Airlines (via Kiev) or Air Baltic (via Riga), among others.

Traveling by land

The journey from Germany to Georgia seems almost endless. A distance of around 3,200 km has to be covered from Berlin – through Poland, Ukraine, Russia. In addition, a visa is required to travel through the Russian Federation. You should find out in advance whether it is possible to enter the country from Russia without any problems.
The road conditions on the main routes in Georgia are mostly good, but outside of the city are often in poor condition with many potholes. In addition, many parts of Georgia are very mountainous. Remote areas can usually only be reached with off-road vehicles. The driving behavior often takes getting used to and is contrary to traffic. A local driver is therefore recommended. Night trips outside of the cities are generally not recommended.

The following applies to traveling by car …
If you are traveling with your own car, you should definitely have your driver’s license and vehicle registration document with you, preferably the international form. It is also necessary to have the green insurance card with you. If you are not traveling with a vehicle registered with you, we strongly recommend that you obtain authorization from the vehicle owner. Since March 2018, Georgian liability insurance has also been required, which must be purchased on site in service centers, banks or online.
The gasoline prices in Georgia are very cheap for our standards. Refueling is usually done by the gas station attendant. You can pay with cash at the petrol stations, card payments are not accepted everywhere.
Maximum speed in urban areas: 60 km / h.
Maximum speed on country roads: 90 km / h
Maximum speed motorway: 110 km / h
Light during the day: all year round
alcohol limit : 0.0
Obligation to carry: Green insurance card, first aid kit, warning triangle and safety vest, fire extinguisher.
(Information without guarantee, please inform yourself about the relevant regulations before departure)

Best travel time
For Georgia, the most pleasant travel time is between April and October, whereby the months of July and August are usually associated with greater heat. The sun in Georgia can shine intensely, please think of sun protection!

Health Health
care in Georgia is not comparable to the Central European standard. There are pharmacies and doctors in the larger towns.
According to information from the Foreign Office, in the past, advance payments in cash or by credit card were required for treatment in a private hospital (where medical care is usually better than in state institutions and English is usually also spoken). If necessary, the respective consulates and country representatives can recommend a medical facility.
Vacationers who are dependent on medication should stock up on essentials in advance. It is strongly recommended that you take out foreign health insurance when traveling to Georgia. Even if, according to the Foreign Office, no compulsory vaccinations are required for entry into Georgia, you should seek advice from a doctor before traveling.

Holidays and memorial days
In addition to Christmas, New Year and Christian holidays with different dates such as Easter, the following holidays apply:
May 26th – National Day

Embassies & Consulates General

German Representation
166 Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue
0112 Tbilisi
Tel .: +995 32 2 43 53 99

Austrian Representation
Griboedov Str. 31 / Rustaveli Ave. 42
0108 Tbilisi, Tel .: +995 32 243 44 02

Swiss representation
Krtsanisi 11
0114 Tbilisi
Tel .: +995 322 75 30 01 / -02

Flag of Georgia

Note:┬áCenturies-old fortresses, Orthodox monasteries and churches and cave cities carved into the rock represent the diverse culture in Georgia. These wonderful sights and sites are embedded in a landscape that is shaped by the peaks of the Caucasus. As rugged as this landscape may appear, the slopes in the south of the Caucasus are climatically favorable and fertile – Kakheti is famous for viticulture.