Roav: The Sunglasses, Folding the World’s Finest!

You also have problems to load your sunglasses? Some models do not fit right in the pocket of the jacket or the blazer, it will bother you when hanging on the shirt or in the shirt and I’m not going to mention that to use the accessory as the “tiara” is out of the question.

Roav The Sunglasses, Folding the World’s Finest!

In short: if you don’t have a purse, carry sunglasses after sunset is a hassle without end, in addition to the danger of leaving the piece, usually the face, suffers a malfunction.

I usually carry a bag of flannel with me to protect the glasses in case you have to put them in your pocket, but that does not make the task of keeping the glasses less cumbersome.

The sunglasses of ROAV

As this type of problem in mind the ROAV has created steel frames, ultra-thin and foldable, which comes accompanied by a compact that protects the lens if you want to place the piece in the pocket.

Bent a model of the ROAV is, on average, with 8 mm of width, getting very easy to carry and store, moreover, it is good to remember that this will also facilitate your life if you are having problems with space in your backpack or purse.

As if not enough all the glasses of the ROAV are super light! With a weight below 15 grams, gives to forget that we are with them!

The models of the brand generally has formats classics that remind us of the consecrated aviator, wayfarer, and the roundframe, but the frame thin metal gives a modern touch and charming.

The wide variety of colors both on the frame and in the lenses (some of them polarized) makes it easy to find a copy that is exactly according to your taste.

Where to buy:

The site of the ROAV sells to Brazil, all models cost $ 175 (approximately 680 reais), but this value are not included the shipping costs and import taxes.