Salvatore Ferragamo (Florence, Italy)

Salvatore Ferragamo 



Brand facts: 

  • – Salvatore Ferragamo,”There is no limit to beauty, no saturation point in design, no end to the material…..”
  • – With about 2,600 employees and a network of over 550 mono-brand stores, the Ferragamo Group runs operations in Italy and worldwide, which provide the brand with a broad footprint in Europe, America and Asia.

Main Categories: 

Clothing, handbags,accessories


Time and place: 1928, Italy

Early products: clothing

Founder: Salvatore Ferragamo

Headquarter Location: 

Florence, Italy

New Arrivals: 


Price Range: 

USD156 – USD 246

Worldwide Locations:

Italy, Ireland, USA, France, Mexico, China, Poland, etc.

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