Whim Presents Models of Solar Glasses That Can Not Miss in the Carnival

Carnival balls stayed behind. Now the fun is in the street, with fun accessories to complement the looks of the revelry. To ensure protection and style in these days of Sun and heat, the Caprice in partnership with Suntech brings solar eyewear models in four different colors to please girls of all styles.

To take advantage of the date exclusively brazilian and warm, the glasses Whim follow trends from the streets, betting on models, but with a twist sweethearts young and unique color combinations.

It is important to note that all the glasses of the Whim offer highest protection against UVA, UVB and UVC and carry certificate of ABNT (Brazilian Association for technical standards), stating your high standard of quality and commitment to consumers.

Check out the selection of models and fall into the revelry!

SAC:11 4591-8610

About the licensing WHIM
The licensing of the brand began with the line of notebooks WHIM of Tilibra, reference of quality and innovation since 1998. CAPRICE was also the first brazilian magazine giving your name to a fragrance. In partnership with the Apothecary, the product was released in 2002 and is a case of sales in the segment.
Being one of the editorials of April that more firm licensed partnerships, WHIM currently subscribes to a diverse catalog of products, ranging from makeup and lingerie to notebooks and pocket money card. In all, add up to about 20 segments.

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